What Makes Us Love Statesboro

Statesboro, Georgia has so many good things going for it, it can be hard to pin the best parts down but we will try.


It all starts with great people. People may move in to a community for a job or school, but eventually they stay because of the people. Good people are everywhere and we know that, but great people can be hard to come by. We’re talking about people who open their doors to you, encourage you to start a new business, get involved in the neighborhood, join the PTA, take you to sign up your child for soccer, invite you to a tailgate game, share an extra ticket to a theatre production with you, ask you to join them for dinner in their home or out in a great restaurant, invite you to church and allow you to have a voice in local government. Because of industry, education, medicine and other job opportunities, Statesboro is fortunate to have an ongoing influx of newcomers along with multi generation families who have built our city. We treat new comers right, because we know they will pay it forward by encouraging other new comers to do the same. This is how we go and grow.


Then it continues with a great place. Ideally located between I-95 and I-16 in southeast Georgia, Statesboro is uniquely situated between three larger cities, Macon, Augusta and Savannah, Georgia. Easily accessible to each, local residents can travel to any of these and back within a day for any needs that can not be found in our community. Yet, being home allows for excellent shopping with local vendors as well as big-box stores, great restaurants, unbelievable music and entertainment culture for our size community and fantastic sporting games and events. Having hosted big named bands such as Lady Antebellum in Georgia Southern University’s Paulsen Stadium and high profile speakers on campus such as President George W. Bush, President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter, Archie Manning, Condoleeza Rice and Maya Angelou, locals don’t have to travel to be exposed to some of the greatest names in our times. Even Country Music Association’s 2014 Entertainer of the Year Luke Bryan and country songwriter and recording artist Cole Swindoll got their early starts as students at GSU, growing their craft and their names before hitting the big time. Statesboro has just the right mix of being a rural community with beautiful and bountiful farmland, a bustling business sector, state of the art regional medical facilities, thriving cultural scene, and a strong “town and gown” relationship (with GSU, Ogeechee Technical Institute and East Georgia College). There are impressive sporting venues, as well as first class recreational facilities, exceptional public and private schools and faithful church congregations. Really, Statesboro just seems to have it all.


Finally, it ends with pride. People in Statesboro are very proud of our community! There is this underlying sense of pride in every aspect of living, working and raising a family here. Whether a resident has been here for six months or sixty years, we all feel the same. It’s simply because we are a community who cares. We want our lives to be lived in a place that matters to others who also live here. Because when people take pride in their homes, businesses, families, schools, government, churches, friends, and those less fortunate…community is created and sustained. That’s what has happened here in the ‘Boro. You can see it, feel it and experience it just by being a part of it.


The people, place and pride are what make us love Statesboro. That is why we stay, and why we hope others will come choose to be a part of it too!


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