What does it take to be the best?

Statesboro is the best

You have all heard the sayings, “Be your best!,” “Do your best,” or “You are the best.” What does best really mean in differentiating one community from another?


Merriam-Webster defines “best” as: better than all others in quality or value, most skillful talented or successful, most appropriate, useful or helpful. Now being truly the best community in America is up to opinion, but here are some of the reasons Statesboro feels we qualify:


Quality of Life: Feeling like your life has quality translates into having balance between family, work, physical health and mental well-being. Statesboro offers opportunities for all to find happiness, no matter what race, economic station or faith they are. Whether it is taking a drive into the country and seeing the beautiful cotton fields in full bloom to enjoying a walk around the baseball fields at Mill Creek Park to receiving top notch care at East Georgia Regional’s Emergency Room to attending Connections non-denominational church, there is something for every citizen in our community.


Value: Living in Statesboro provides great value. You just can’t put a price on living the good life! When people come together to work hard for their community, to build better schools, stronger businesses, celebrate their farmers, step forward to give back to the multitudes of charitable organizations, honor their senior citizens, and teach solid core values to their children, there is value.


Skillful talented or successful: With a low unemployment rate within the State of Georgia, approximately 24% of the Bulloch County labor force is employed by the Government sector including one of the City’s largest employers, Georgia Southern University. With a diverse economy and a vibrant college community, our community knows how to utilize the talent pool available and put them to work to grow businesses and farms into agricultural powerhouses. With advantages in a large labor pool, logistical assets and low costs, successful businesses abound. This allows for an incomparable combination of higher quality and low wage rates.


Most appropriate, useful or helpful: The Statesboro-Bulloch County Chamber of Commerce, the Development Authority of Bulloch County, the Downtown Development Authority, the Statesboro Visitors and Convention Bureau and all government agencies work together to provide appropriate, useful and helpful resources to current and future citizens. Leadership Bulloch has provided training for community and civic leaders for almost thirty years, and we are proud to have Leadership Georgia graduates among our ranks. In fact, Leadership Georgia recently brought state-wide business leaders to Statesboro to experience seeing our community in action. Not only do we seek to improve ourselves constantly through proactive strategic planning, we partner with other communities and their leaders throughout our state to learn, achieve and grow together.


Being the best starts within and demonstrates throughout. It’s an attitude of balancing excellence with a desire for even better. It’s a willingness to work hard to not only maintain but to constantly improve. It’s knowing that through cooperative learning, our community comes together to put past missteps behind, celebrate successes and focus on the future. Being the best starts at home, and for us…home is here in Statesboro, Georgia.


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