Georgia Grown Highway 301 Trail

Being best doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. In fact, Statesboro and Bulloch County understand the importance of partnership in all aspects of community life. One that stands out is the Georgia Grown Highway 301 Trail.


The Highway 301 Trail is an association that develops, promotes, and preserves regional agritourism in an 8-county corridor traversed by Georgia Highway 301 from Screven County, Georgia to Charlton County, Georgia. Statesboro finds itself right in the middle of this.

In our community, this major thoroughfare takes you from one side of town, through the middle and out the other along what we call the Blue Mile.

This partnership is designed to shine a light on Georgia’s booming agritourism. With 60 official “Trail Stops,” visitors can meander in and out of produce booths, pick-your-own fruit and vegetable farms, organic dairy farms, honey markets, breweries to wineries. Restaurants along the way have joined in the effort, creating more farm-to-table cuisine celebrating local authentic farm products. Farmers Markets, like Statesboro’s Main Street Market, showcase locally grown produce, products, talent, food, crafts and baked items.

Statesboro has wonderful educational offerings, with the Garden of the Costal Plains that grows native flowers and plants and even offers series such as “Lunch and Learn.” At the Old Freeman Family Farm, from October 3rd to November 1st, you can bring your family and spend the day stepping back in time, to a slower pace when water was pumped by windmill, tractors were started with a hand-crank, and a child’s favorite place to play was the barn loft. Meinhardt Vineyards offers tours and samplings of area wines, for a delightful country experience. There is much to learn in our community about time-honored efforts to keep agriculture traditions alive and thriving.

These are among a few of the samplings found along the Blue Mile as a part of the Georgia Grown Highway 301 Trail. With local products, including craft beer, honey, barbeque sauces, Georgia grown specialty products such as Braswells’ jams and jellies, our community is certainly one of America’s Bests.

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