Statesboro, a City OF and FOR Progress

792373_10151257196048182_1962882397_oWhat does the word “progress” really mean? Progress as a noun means a movement toward a goal or a higher stage. But then again, to progress in the verb sense, one must go forward or onward in space and time.

Statesboro, Georgia has been exemplified both being a city OF progress, and one that HAS progressed in the highest form. Whether the city forefathers dreamed what Statesboro might become after its first one hundred years, there is no doubt they set a course forward to establish a progressive and onward thinking mindset among its people.

As the largest city and county seat in Bulloch County, Georgia, Statesboro was chartered in 1803 as a small trading community supportive of the area’s agricultural community of plantations. Agriculture remains as a top economic booster with over 100 million in annual farm gate revenues, as well as education and manufacturing rounding out the economic hub.

Nearly one hundred years after its founding, a pivotal move came when in 1906, Statesboro leaders joined together to bid for and win the First District A&M School, which eventually grew into Georgia Southern University. The University now boasts being a Carnegie Doctoral-Research University of nearly 20,000 students. For the past decade, the university has combined a capital building program with beautification of the nearly 700-acre campus, making it one of the most sought after premiere institutions of higher learning in Georgia and the southeast. Ogeechee Technical College and East Georgia State College, both located on the Blue Mile of Highway 301, offer excellent opportunities in both technical and community college experiences.

With important manufacturing plants such as Briggs & Stratton, Great Dane and GAF, one of the largest privately owned roofing companies, Statesboro has long been a welcome destination for industry due to it’s geographic location. Close to Interstate 16 and I-95, as well as the port city of Savannah, the interchanges allow for great transport ability to move goods throughout the region and nearby states.

When it comes to the arts, few communities the size of Statesboro can say they have a thriving local theatre (Emma Kelly Theatre), community arts center (Averitt Center for the Arts), ongoing classes in dance (with international instructors) and art (painting, ceramics) for all ages, and even it’s own newly built Black Box theatre. “First Friday” events downtown feature music, crafts, performances and great food to boost community fellowship and enjoyment of all that this revitalized area offers to citizens.

Living in a city that is one OF progress and FOR progress is really a dream come true. Knowing the people who care about the community, are leading it both culturally and through elected office, means you can have a voice. Our leaders listen to the needs, wants and desires of their citizens. As a result, the people of Statesboro have and always will be the ones who drive the progress to make Statesboro America’s Best Community.


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