ABC Celebratory Dinner

Last night, Jaclyn Cason and the General Manager of Frontier Communications hosted a dinner in celebration for Statesboro being named a quarterfinalist in America’s Best Communities. Our community is one of 50 to advance at this stage and will receive $50,000. We can now advance to the grand prize of 3 million dollars.

The event was held at The Hall by 40 East Grill with around 80 attendees. Many people who joined the dinner play a vital role in making Statesboro one of a kind like our local commissioners, mayor, chamber of commerce and downtown development representatives, and so many more. These hardworking people and businesses allow this town to not just be a college town, but a place that is welcoming to anyone who finds themselves in Statesboro. There is a reason so many Georgia Southern students continue to live in this community after graduation. You could feel the pride for Statesboro filling the room the entire night.  We are so thankful for the sponsors (Dish, Weather Channel, CoBank, Anexier) that support this competition and of course Frontier for hosting a wonderful night.

The Blue Mile is our campaign for this competition. It was already in place as our next big project and this grant will only help. The Blue mile is the one mile from Sweetheart Circle to our historic downtown. The hope is to revitalize this area with new roads and classic look that will lead people to our great downtown.

For us to win this competition, we will need the whole community on board. We want to win this! Please keep up with us on social media: Facebook, Statesboro America’s Best Community; twitter, @abcboro; blog, And share why Statesboro is America’s Best Communities with these hash tags: #ABC50 #ABCommunities #ABCBoro.


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