“The Art of Puppetry”

Today, the Averitt Center for the Arts opened a new exhibit: The Art of Puppetry. Angela Beasley creates her own puppets of all sizes. The exhibit holds many pieces, some life size and some doll size. She presents stories with her puppets such as Hansel and Gretel, Three Little Pigs, Pinocchio, and many more. She also has many live characters for her shows and more. This is an exciting and fun filled exhibit which is sponsored by the Downtown Statesboro Development Authority.

Beasley was truly wonderful at the opening last night. She explained to everyone how her puppets were created. She interacted well with the children who attended letting touch and feel the material she utilized. You could see the craftsmanship and expertise with each puppet.

The artist Angela Beasley learned a lot about sculpture and puppet making from Agnes Durden, a doll maker, puppeteer, sculptor, and kindergarten teacher in Savannah. She later started her own business, Angela Beasley’s Puppet People in 1974. Her children Jeff and Alyson helped with the performances when they were in junior high school. Beasley has a warehouse, party place, and studio where she can host shows, parties, and workshops for children and adults.

She has traveled to several countries for festivals and puppet shows. These countries include Canada, Argentina, France, Italy, and Costa Rica. She explains the hardest puppets to make are ones with sculpted, molded and engineered eyes and gears. Beasley has written several of her plays along with the help from her team over years. Her inspiration comes from anything around her: real people, her family, children’s books, and fairy tales. Her favorite puppet is the “tourist” named Roz Grossman. This puppet fits in her suitcase and has traveled abroad. Beasley says that this is her “alter ego.”

Stop by the Averitt and let your imagination wonder.

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